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Josh Strickland resigns from Smile FM to publish local news websites full time

Strickland launched The Durand Now Network in 2012.  Until recently, it was a "side hustle," but as of March 25th 2020, Durand Now is a full-time news and ministry operation serving Durand and Shiawassee County.

As part of this big change, Shiawassee Radio is now a DAILY PODCAST!

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Season 3 Episode 4: Toilet Paper Run

Find out how many Shiawassee County stores we visited today looking for toilet paper. Josh Strickland congratulates some more Shiawassee A-LIST winners and introduces the Mask Making Challenge.

Published 3/31/20
Runtime 10:36


Season 3 Episode 3: The Chair Pt. 2

A crazy twist in the investigation into "the chair." Follow along in the Historic Owosso Facebook group. Josh Strickland announces a BIG change to The Durand Now Network and the Shiawassee Radio podcast, and the 2020 A-LIST has been revealed. Get some very interesting stats and see the winners list at

Published 3/30/20
Runtime 15:20


Josh Strickland: What’s Next

Josh Strickland explains his decision to leave the Michigan-based Christian radio network, Smile FM, and what's next for The Durand Now Network of local news websites and Shiawassee Radio.

Published 3/25/20
Runtime 9:00


Season 3 Episode 1: The Chair

Two years ago Josh Strickland purchased an antique chair that purportedly spent decades in the old Owosso Post Office. Today a photo was shared in the Historic Owosso Facebook group. In the photo, a man is sitting in a similar chair. While the thread attempts to figure out who is pictured and where in Owosso the photo was taken, one user suggests that it may have been in the old post office.

Published 1/24/20
Runtime 15:04

Hosted by
Josh Strickland, a 1998 Durand High School graduate and Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Associated Press award winning radio personality;

Shiawassee Radio is hometown news, information and entertainment on-demand.

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Check out some of the best episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 of Shiawassee Radio!


Season 2 Episode 10: Corunna Dam

Josh Strickland gives an overview of a 62-page history of Corunna's dam and its mills that was assembled by Corunna City Manager, Joe Sawyer.

Published 11/4/19 
Runtime 8:15


Season 2 Episode 8: Autocycle

Learn about the Owosso-made Autocycle. Fewer than 350 of these unique jet-car-motorcycle hybrids were produced between 1984 and 1990 by Owosso Motor Car Company.

Published 8/31/19 
Runtime 12:39


Season 2 Episode 7: Burn the Mortgage

Learn about the 40+ year history of Faith Baptist Church of Durand, as the church recently celebrated 'Burn the Mortgage Sunday.'  Also, learn a smidge about the Shiawassee Apple.

Published 7/29/19 
Runtime 12:24


Season 1 Episode 3: Corunna Robotics

An in depth discussion about competitive robotics -- what it is, how it works and how Corunna students and parents are gaining invaluable education and having a great time. Lead Mentor of Corunna Robotics Team 5048, more commonly known as "Team FridgeBot," Scott Stap walks us through every step. The new competitive season begins January 5th 2019!

Published 12/28/18 
Runtime 29:09


Season 1 Episode 1: Sheriff BeGole's Barn

We take a trip to Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole's farm to explore the barn he built from lumber saved from historic farm barns throughout the county.

With Gemma the bulldog at our feet, we also talk about a variety of "Sheriff business" like the new jail garden, the recent jail feasibility study, the recent relocation of the 911 center and more.

Published 11/1/18 
Runtime 35:30

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